Successfully managing risk is the most effective strategy to protect and grow your wealth. We help our clients achieve this key life goal through our personalised services and specialised products catering only to the medical industry.


1. Income Protection

2. Life Insurance

3. Total & Permanent Disablement

4. Trauma

5. Needlestick

6. Key Person

7. Business Expense

8. Child Cover


For those with substantial life insurance requirements, less than 1 in 10 could say that their covers:

1) Offer the optimal mix of superior quality and value for money

2) Are reflective of their ever-changing needs, and

3) Are backed-up by a claims-assistance service when they are needed most After all, most policies are purchased in response to the banks and life insurance companies selling their own insurance products or following the advice of generalist financial planners who lack the expertise required to really get it right.

At MedProtect, we combine expertise, experience and passion and don’t stop till we get it right.